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Do you look in the wardrobe, feel despair, and say what to wear?

At Designer Women we want you to look in the mirror and say “YES I LOOK GREAT and FEEL ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS”.

Dress for Success, be seen, be noticed, walk with confidence and style every day as a Designer Woman!


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It’s amazing how being in charge of your personal styling can make you feel confident and shine.

Discover the secrets to looking fabulous, dressing with confidence and how to be BE SEEN when you walk into a room. Dress with style from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Image and Life Stylist Debbie Majella

Who am I

Who is Debbie?

Debbie’s passion has developed during her 35 years journey in the beauty, image and self-development profession. She has shared her knowledge and experience as a national cosmetic and colour image trainer for an international skincare company for 5 years, an educator at TAFE and private colleges, a mentor to women in the beauty profession and small business. “Today in 2017 my passion is to share with women, the Secrets to looking fabulous, dressing with confidence and how to be seen when she walks into a crowded room”.

Look forward to connecting with you.

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Debbie Majella

Designer Workshops


Launching 1st September 2017

In the your own time and place you will have access to “Designer Women Lifestyle” video series. Each Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter Debbie will be releasing 6+ videos on styling, capsule wardrobe, what on trend, beauty tips and so much more.

We want you to become a “Designer Woman of Style and Beauty”.

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